Your Career

Own it, Work it, Live it!

Practical Online Workshops & Courses

Programs that build your confidence in managing people, hiring people & making smart job changes.

Management & Leadership Coaching

Learn more about managing people and understanding your leadership style. to achieve business results.

Strategic Career Coaching

Your career coach works with you to grow, get those promotions and secure new job opportunities.

Management Coaching and Training

When it's time to grow the team

Learning to become a manager normally happens through trial and error. 

Don’t leave it up to chance. 

Learn how to develop practical skills to integrate with your own style of managing. When you combine this with coaching, you will learn to adapt what you do and how you do it to become a more effective leader.

Leadership Coaching

When it's time to grow yourself

Reduced stress, improved time effectiveness, improved employee engagement and team performance. 

It’s all achievable through our leadership coaching services. The MetaLearn process combines three key elements around what you do, how you do it and the actions you take. 

Outplacement Services - New Beginnings

When it's time for your next career adventure

Our leading Outplacement and Career Transition course is called New Beginnings. It provides you with practical information and guidance. 

This program will lift you above the competition and improve your chances of success in finding, applying for and securing that next position.

Career Coaching

When it's time to grow your career

Enjoy what you do and be good at it. This is our goal for you. 

Your career is an asset that you build from on job learning, external studies, training and most importantly hard work and time. 

A career coach can help you stay the course and gain maximum traction for your efforts.  

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