About MetaLearn

MetaLearn programs are about you, your career and your model for managing and leading others. Take control of your career and achieve great things.

MetaLearn by MetaPeople

Since 2013 MetaPeople has been working with businesses and the people that make them successful. Everything that you find on MetaLearn has been tried and tested over many years.

What we do works.

We combine learning with practice and this is why our coaching model delivers results. 

The learning moves from awareness to lived experience. 

 You work with an experienced coach who is there to support you to achieve your goals. 

When you make the step to engage a MetaPeople coach you are saying something significant about yourself. You are saying that you are ready to manage your career, you are ready to grow and develop and you are ready to do the work to achieve the outcomes you want. 

More importantly you are saying that you are prepared to invest in you. 

3 seperate sites designed for you

MetaPeople is our corporate offering. We created MetaRecruit and MetaLearn to offer a market specialisation for recruitment and for the individual who wishes to invest in their career and ongoing development. MetaPeople continues to offer services to our corporate clients covering management and leadership development, outplacement and consulting in strategic execution and cultural change.

MetaRecruit is our dedicated recruitment service. We partner with companies who value a recruitment experience that is positive, transparent and targeted. We believe there is an emerging need for businesses to engage a premium recruitment service to attract the calibre of people they want. We know that candidates prefer to consult with a recruitment service that takes their needs into consideration. The MetaRecruit service does both.

We have created MetaLearn to better support individuals who are committed to their career, self-direction and lifelong growth and development. Today’s world is changing rapidly and with it so too are careers. Now more than ever people are seeking support to better manage their career choices, job changes, soft skills development (particularly people managers) and to routinely plan for ongoing career success. This is why MetaLearn exists.  

Your Career - Own it, Work it, Live it.

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