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New Beginnings Testimonial

Course Description

Do you have +10 years experience working in the corporate world? Need help writing a great resume? Do you need help targeting the right jobs? Are you unsure about how to handle those challenging interview questions? Is the whole job search process a bit daunting?

New Beginnings is for you. This is a career transition management workshop that focuses on actions that are within your control. This is a self-paced online course and it will equip you with the knowledge to navigate the job market with confidence.

You can add coaching sessions that will assist you in any areas of the course where you have questions or need additional support.

Our goal is to provide you with practical information and guidance that if followed will lift you above the competition and improve your chances of success in finding, applying and securing that next position.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Targeting of new positions
  • Measuring your success
  • Effective resume writing
  • Your social media profile (specifically LinkedIn)
  • The interview
  • Your well-being

There are some important tips in this course. You will gain a clear understanding of how best to navigate the job seeking process, you will learn how to create a compelling resume and you will invest time considering what must be in a position in order for you to be happy and successful. Important learning that you can take with you beyond this course.


New Beginnings is not a career transformation program. Some people may be looking at doing a completely different job in a totally unrelated industry relative to their career history. This is not the program for you. New Beginngings will give you helpful hints and important knowledge to target and identify the right job and it will help you to articulate what must be in a role in order for you to be happy and successful but if you are lacking in experience and know-how this program will not provide solutions to help you navigate those challenges. Our career coaching program on the other hand will.

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