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  • Is your organisation seeking to support the training needs of your managers?
  • Are you looking to empower your first-time managers who may feel unsupported and nervous?
  • Have you noticed a lack of formal management training among your newly appointed leaders?

MetaPeople is here to help.

At MetaPeople, we specialise in recruiting, coaching, and supporting individuals who lead and manage teams. Drawing upon our extensive expertise, we have developed GrowingSuccess, a comprehensive management course tailored to address the specific needs of your managers.

This is excellent for first time people managers, people who have been managing for a while and need to take themselves to the next level and those employees where managing a team is the next step in their career. 

Delivered online and supported with group coaching,  GrowingSuccess is a layered program designed to drive management behaviour, capability and action.  

"As a coach of managers at all levels, I have seen common themes emerge. I'm pleased to say we have created a program that delivers the essentials that make great managers great."

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With GrowingSuccess, your managers will:

Gain Confidence and Support: We understand the unique concerns and uncertainties that come with managing people. Our course provides the guidance and support your managers need to succeed.

Develop Essential Skills: From prioritising tasks and balancing responsibilities to addressing conflict and managing difficult conversations, our program covers the key areas necessary for effective management.

Cultivate Personal Growth: Your managers will unlock their true potential by identifying their strengths, areas for improvement, and personal growth opportunities. They’ll become better equipped to inspire and motivate their teams.

Define Their Model of Management: We guide your managers in defining the type of manager they aspire to be, helping them embody the behaviours, standards, and expectations they wish to see in others.

Our comprehensive program includes:

6mths Support & Guidance 

  • Interactive Online Modules: Engage with practical exercises, real-world examples, and explainer videos that cover essential topics for managerial success.
  • Tailored Coaching Sessions: Your managers will receive coaching sessions that address their specific challenges, allowing them to apply the course material to their unique circumstances.
  • Downloadable Resources and Workbooks: Our comprehensive materials support their learning journey, helping them practise and embed the knowledge gained from the course.

But it doesn’t end there. We believe in fostering a culture of continuous improvement and accountability. Through workbooks and monthly coaching sessions, your managers will be supported throughout their journey, ensuring they are equipped to guide their teams toward success.

Meet Chris Harper: Your Guide to Great Work at Work

With over 25 years of experience in managing people, coaching individuals, conducting interviews, recruiting top talent, and delivering training programs, Chris Harper is our seasoned expert. He founded MetaPeople in 2013 with a mission to empower individuals to achieve greatness in their professional lives. Chris brings his extensive knowledge, unique experiences, and unwavering dedication to supporting managers in their growth and success.




By joining the GrowingSuccess community, your managers will experience remarkable transformations in their professional lives. Witness the results for yourself as they become exceptional leaders who inspire greatness within their teams.

Enrol your managers in GrowingSuccess today and take the first step towards building a team of exceptional leaders who drive success. Together, we’ll help your managers use what they need to know, so they can truly work on what they need to GROW.

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Course Structure

Module 1 - GrowingAwareness

Participants discover the power of self-awareness and accountability in action. They reflect on the role of management, define their personal understanding of success, and explore their values and aspirations. They assess their strengths, current focus, level of activity and identify areas for improvement using the The Action Matrix. They discover the importance of small steps of improvement and how that leads to significant results.

Module 2 - GrowingYourself

Participants continue their reflective journey as they unlock the secrets to their personal growth. They learn the significance of building trust with their team as they develop greater emotional intelligence by effectively managing emotions. Models such as the Whole Person Concept give greater understanding of the drivers that impact their behavior and facilitate greater acceptance for the behaviours of others. The power of a Growth Mindset and Locus of Control are additional concepts that are introduced at this point.

Module 3 - GrowingCompetencies

This module introduces the essential competencies needed for managerial excellence. Communication, effective planning, and performance management along with their underlying skills are reviewed. We help participants to recognise indicators of capability gaps and embark on a self-assessment process. Participants set development goals and create actionable plans for growth. They learn skills such as giving feedback, managing conflict, time management, goal setting, delegation, setting expectations and much more.

Module 4 - GrowingTeams

This module unlocks the secrets of team management to unleash the full potential of the team. Participants set a clear vision for their team and learn the dynamics that drive collaboration and success. They explore the MetaPuzzle framework, which helps them to understand the levers for success that impact their team culture. They learn and develop the routines that build high-performing teams to consistently deliver exceptional results.

Module 5 - GrowingIndividuals

Participants learn to facilitate the success of individual team members while building great teams. They discover three fundamental coaching methodologies: The GROW model, Reframing, and Scaling. They use powerful tools such as The MetaEquation, a tool to assist in assessing targeted support for individuals and The Chat Map, an extension of The Action Matrix, a tool for effective feedback and coaching support. They learn effective coaching skills that create an environment where individuals thrive.

Module 6 - GrowingSuccess Wrap-Up

Module six serves as a review of the course content. Participants share their journey and their unique model for managing in a final project presented to the group. They identify their management routines and self-management strategies, demonstrating their growth and development as a manager. They join their peers in a final online workshop or in-person presentation, where they celebrate their achievements and inspire others with their success.

Positive outcomes for
GrowingSuccess Graduates

Improved Team Problem Solving

Improved Confidence

Greater Self-Reflection

Stronger Interpersonal Effectiveness

Stronger Team Engagement

Effective Time Management

Improved Feedback Capability

Improved Self-Awareness

Better Task Effectiveness

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Why GrowingSuccess?

Easy to use online learning technology

+30 videos delivered by Chris Harper

If you have access to the internet you can access GrowingSuccess. The workshop uses a sophisticated online learning management system that is easy to use and easy on the eyes.

Many of the models are facilitated by Chris Harper through these videos. We know videos are another great way to learn. Course content is explained as well as the details of the models, their value and how to work with them.

Writeable PDF workbooks

Online quizzes

We have created workbooks so participants have a record of their work, thoughts and plans. A great deal of the course exercises involve self-reflection, self-assessment and the creation of goals, plans and next steps. When access to the system is gone the workbooks are retained by the participants.

Where possible we have included simple knowledge quizzes and comprehension quizzes. They are scattered throughout the workshop and are a simple way of reinforcing learning and tracking participant progress.

Participant tracking and reports

Ask the coach

Our learning management system tracks course completion as it is registered. Reports are gathered and provided to the business as requested. They form a useful review process with senior management.

Chris Harper is available through the length of GrowingSuccess for questions and assistance. This is in addition to the group coach sessions that occur at the end of each module.

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Not just training...

Behavioural change takes time. It takes practise and it often requires support to reinforce the benefits. When you enrol a group of managers within your organisation, group participants are paired as “buddies”. This provides an additional layer to their learning and development. We’d love to chat more about this option with you.

All group participants are supported by a coach who provides group coaching in the fourth week of every module during a two-hour online or in-person coaching session. 

Additional services include:

Private coaching

If required additional one-on-one coaching sessions can be provided. This is very useful for in-depth support and customisation of the participants development journey. 


The SuccessMap is like a rolling forecast for a position. It identifies the conditions for success in a position as it unfolds over time. It is an excellent review document that can be shared between the participant and their boss. 

Leadership Profiling

Chris Harper is accredited in Life Styles Inventory. This is an excellent tool to continue the development journey of a GrowingSuccess graduate. 

Turn your first time managers into future leaders

Book now and get your first time people managers growing successfully before the end of 2023

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