Attention, All People Managers! 

  • Are you a first-time manager, feeling unsupported and nervous about the challenges ahead?
  • Have you recently transitioned to a management position without any formal management training?
  • Are you spreading yourself too thin, working long hours, feeling like you’ve taken on too much?

Don’t let your lack of formal management training hold you back

Don’t fret! We’re here to provide you with the guidance and support you need to succeed. 

At MetaPeople, we specialise in the recruitment, coaching, and support of individuals who lead and manage teams. It’s not just our job; it’s our passion. Drawing upon our extensive expertise in the field, we have crafted a comprehensive course that will empower you to become the exceptional manager you aspire to be.

It’s time to feel supported and confident in your role

Introducing GrowingSuccess, the comprehensive management coaching program designed specifically for managers of people. 

At MetaPeople we understand the unique concerns and uncertainties that come with managing people, which is why our program is tailored to address your specific needs. 

Our online management program covers all the essential elements you need to build a solid foundation as a successful manager.


With GrowingSuccess, you’ll gain the confidence, skills, and knowledge needed to thrive as a manager. 

Our comprehensive program includes:

  • Interactive modules featuring practical exercises and real-world examples.
  • Expert-led coaching sessions tailored to your specific needs.
  • Downloadable resources and workbooks to support your learning journey.

But that’s not all. We empower you to hold yourself and others accountable by creating a culture of continuous improvement. Through workbooks and monthly coaching sessions, you’ll be supported throughout your journey. By the end of GrowingSuccess, you’ll be equipped to guide your team towards meeting and exceeding expectations, ultimately achieving success at work.

Are you ready to unleash your full potential as a manager?

Managing others goes far beyond overseeing tasks; it’s about mastering the art of leadership and personal growth. Your success as a manager is intricately linked to the success of your team, and vice versa. By investing in your own growth and development, you can maximise the potential of those around you. It’s a Win/Win for everyone!

6 Months
Support & Guidance 

In this comprehensive 6-month coaching course, we guide you through the fundamental principles of effective management, empowering you to cultivate self-awareness and develop the necessary skills to drive your team forward. 

Our mission is to help you become the exceptional manager you aspire to be by aligning your behaviours, standards, and expectations with the results you aim to achieve.

GrowingSuccess is centred around awareness. Our course delves into key aspects of self-reflection, personal growth and developing your own model for managing that will transform the way you view management. 

Gain valuable insight into your own strengths, communication style, and areas for improvement. Understanding how you come across when interacting with others is vital for building strong relationships and fostering effective collaboration.
Personal Growth
Unlock your true potential by identifying your passions, preferences, and areas of avoidance. Discover what drives you and become better equipped to inspire and motivate your team.
Your Model of Management
Define the type of manager you want to become, and let us guide you towards embodying the behaviours, standards, and expectations you wish to see in others.
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A Comprehensive Experiential Learning Experience

How We Support Your Management Journey

  • 6 Online Modules: Engage with online content, explainer videos, quizzes, and exercises that cover essential topics for managerial success.
  • Downloadable Workbooks: Accompany each module to help you practise and embed the material covered.
  • Group Management Coaching Sessions: Join 6-8 professional coaching sessions where you can receive guidance and support tailored to your specific needs. 

Be The Manager
You Are Meant To Be

Gain Valuable Insight into Successful People Management

Transitioning to Management: Gain the knowledge and skills required to navigate the shift from an individual contributor to a managerial role. We’ll provide you with the tools to confidently embrace your new responsibilities.

Building Credibility: Learn how to establish credibility and earn the respect and trust of your team. We’ll guide you in developing leadership presence and effective communication strategies that will enhance your managerial influence.

Prioritising Tasks and Balancing Responsibilities: Discover techniques for effective time management, task prioritisation, and juggling multiple responsibilities. You’ll learn to optimise your productivity and achieve better work-life balance.

Addressing Conflict and Managing Difficult Conversations: Acquire the skills to handle conflicts within your team and confidently manage difficult conversations. We’ll provide you with practical strategies to promote positive resolutions and maintain a harmonious work environment.

Leading Teams: Master the art of leading and motivating teams to achieve outstanding results. Our program will empower you with effective team-building techniques and strategies to foster a collaborative and high-performing culture.

Supporting Employee Development and Growth: Learn how to support your employees’ professional development journey. We’ll equip you with performance management tools, coaching skills, and strategies to foster a culture of continuous growth and learning.

Get an Advantage with your own Professional Coach

Meet Chris Harper: Your Guide to Great Work at Work

With over 25 years of experience in managing people, coaching individuals, conducting interviews, recruiting top talent, and delivering training programs, Chris Harper is a seasoned expert in the field. In 2013, Chris founded MetaPeople with a mission to empower individuals to achieve greatness in their professional lives. Today, MetaPeople are thrilled to present GrowingSuccess, the foundational management course that encompasses Chris’s extensive training, coaching techniques, and profound knowledge of people and management.

Chris’s unique journey and diverse experiences in life and work have shaped his invaluable expertise. His wealth of knowledge is not only a product of his professional accomplishments but also a testament to his unwavering dedication to helping others excel in their roles. Whether you’re a new manager seeking guidance or a seasoned professional looking to refine your skills, Chris’s insights and support will be instrumental in your growth and success.

As your guide through the GrowingSuccess program, Chris will share practical strategies, real-life anecdotes, and proven techniques to help you navigate the challenges of managing people. His genuine passion for supporting individuals and his innate ability to inspire will empower you to unlock your full potential as a manager.

Chris’s commitment to your success extends far beyond the course materials. He is dedicated to providing ongoing support and guidance as you implement your newfound skills in the real world. With Chris as your mentor, you can trust that you’ll have a knowledgeable ally by your side throughout your professional journey.

Join the GrowingSuccess community today and benefit from the wealth of knowledge and support that Chris Harper brings to the table.

A Sneak Peek into the Course

Here’s a glimpse of the transformative content covered in each module:

Module 1: GrowingAwareness

  • Define success, identify role models, and align your values with your managerial aspirations.
  • Embrace self-awareness, take ownership of your choices and actions, and lay a strong foundation for becoming an effective and inspiring leader.

Module 2: GrowingYourself

  • Cultivate trust, emotional intelligence, and values-based behaviours.
  • Develop the tools necessary to navigate uncertainties, embrace new experiences, and drive personal and professional growth.

Module 3: GrowingCompetencies

  • Enhance your communication, planning, and performance management skills.
  • Continuously develop and enhance your people management abilities.

Module 4: GrowingTeams

  • Impact, influence, and build high-performing teams.
  • Tailor your leadership approach and align your team towards achieving common goals.

Module 5: GrowingIndividuals

  • Develop and grow individuals within your team.
  • Foster an environment of growth and development for each team member.

Module 6: GrowingSuccess

  • Refine your model for managing others and create a lasting impact on your growth and team performance.
  • Share your learnings, present your model for managing, and celebrate your achievements.

Join the growing community of managers who have experienced remarkable transformations in their professional lives from GrowingSuccess. 

Real Transformations, Real Results

Don’t just take their word for it. 

Witness the remarkable transformations for yourself.




With GrowingSuccess, you’ll have the opportunity to learn, practise, and grow into the exceptional manager you were always meant to be. Unleash your true potential and embark on a rewarding journey of managing people.

Enrol in GrowingSuccess today and take the first step towards becoming the exceptional manager you aspire to be. Together, we’ll help you use what you need to know, so you can truly work on what you need to GROW.

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