Management Coaching

Get the right people, to do the right things, at the right time, in the right way.

Manage the team, achieve results

Improve problem solving

Learn how to engage your team to effectively solve problems. Build the confidence of the team to solve problems, make good decisions and act quickly. 

Employee engagement

Achieve business results by lifting employee engagement. Discover the power of mentoring team members, helping them to lift their soft & technical skills. Build their confidence and unleash their potential.  

Team effectiveness

Learn to become a great people manager. The success of the team is your success and you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting. Learn how to build a high performing team. 

Tried and tested tools

Access our online tools and models


Our online SAAS coaching tool is like nothing you have seen. MetaTools delivers a dynamic feedback loop between you and your team members driving important on-job learning opportunities. This lifts employee performance, and delivers a sense of achievement. It lifts confidence, business results and employee engagement.


Starting with business objectives and linking qualitative and quantitative measures with key success factors the SuccessMap is the communication tool for each of your team members. When used with MetaTools you have a powerful arsenal that delivers everything you need coach your team members. Combine this with the essential soft skills a manager needs and you are well on the way to unlocking your full potential as a great manager and a high-performance leader.

The Personal Inventory

Learn how to facilitate the Personal Inventory and discover more about the motivations of your team members than you thought possible. This is a learning experience that you can integrate as a part of the way you manage a team of people.

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