Outplacement for today's hybrid workforce

Important Note:

In some instances employees require a more empathic form of support. This is available and would need to highlighted as a requirements. Career desks can be also be established onsite for a workforce if needed. 

Special services are available for senior management and other employees requiring a bespoke support. 

Outplacement and Coaching Combined

New Beginnings is a powerful program designed to help people who are experiencing a redundancy.  

The program has a solid blend of online learning combined with coaching support.  This combination delivers maximum traction that informs, educates and focuses participants.

The coaching support empathically paces with the needs of the participant delivering personalised and confidential support where needed. 

As a coach who has also had extensive recruitment experience I have witnessed the challenges of redundancy first hand. New Beginnings is filled with practical guidance that will seperate graduates of the program from the pack.

Your Coach And MetaPeople's Why

Chris Harper - Founder of MetaPeople

Your Coach and Great Work At Work

Graduates Report ...

Greater Confidence

Improved interview Skills

High Impact Resumés

Better Job Targeting

Improved Job Search

Improved LinkedIn Profile

Better Use of Networks

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Indentifiable Achievements

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Course Structure

Module 1 - The Personal Inventory

Unique to MetaPeople, the Personal Inventory is a four quadrant model designed to help participants unbundle their work experience. As they proceed participants experience greater clarity of what must be in a position in order to be happy and successful. They also get a handle on the things they want to learn and where their strengths sit. A completed Personal Inventory helps applicants to reflect on the position that have just left and how to target a role that is right for them. This reflection enables participants to perform better in interviews. 

Module 2 - Planning and Preparation

This module focuses participants on having a plan and measuring their activity. This includes targeting the right positions and gaining clarity around the relationship between the role they are seeking and industry fit. It also encourages participants to consider skills and competencies they need to be successful and how to start to articulate their experience in readiness for competency and behavioural based interviews. 

Module 3 - Polishing Your Resume

We provide two resume templates. One is in a 2 page format and the other is up to 6 pages (depending on the length of employment). We highlight the critical elements of a resume and the refinement of the resume is normally sorted through the personalised coaching sessions. Writing key achievements for each position becomes an area of focus that facilitates the ability of the participants to respond to S.T.A.R. interview questions. 

Module 4 - The Cover Letter

A cover letter template is provided and we encourage participants to be familiar with its structure and the need to to make it compelling. We also highlight the rationale for the cover letter and what employers are seeking. Again this document is another areas where the participant can practice and share what they have created during the coaching. 

Module 5 - Job Search Channels

Job search channels is primarily concerned with the participants options to reach the market, either through networks, the use of LinkedIn and job platforms.  We also cover the participants LinkedIn profile and online presence. 

Module 6 - Embrace the Interview

We cover different interview styles and the kind of standard questions you are likely to be asked. This will include salary expectations, planned leave, hobbies, gaps in your resume and reasons for leaving each position. Guidance is given on answering competency and behavioural based questions and the need to prepare for specific questions related to industry experience and on-job experience. Being able to articulate S.T.A.R. responses as they relate to achievements is also a key focus. 

Module 7 - Managing Your Wellbeing

Helpful tips on managing well being are provided along with details to contact Beyond Blue, LifeLine and Headspace. 

Coaching Combined with Learning

 We estimate that participants could complete the New Beginnings online workshop within approximately two hours. This time investment before the coaching prepares the participant with questions and makes excellent use of the allotted coaching time. The online program amplifies the coaching effectiveness and reduces the coaching time needed.  

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