Gold Resume Builder


Secure that next important position. Invest time with a career coach to capture all of your experience in a compelling way. You get two resumès and a free application letter template/example with the Resumè Builder Gold service. This is a facilitated process between you and an experienced coach. Your coach will investigate and capture your achievements so those achievements can be presented in your resume in a compelling way to improve your success.


Secure your next management position. Get help building your resume. You get two resumès plus you get a free application letter template and example.

  • Your first resume covers the last ten years of your working history and is 4-6 pages long.
  • Your second resumè is condensed to 2-3 pages.
  • You also get a free application letter template/example.

You are great at what you do and getting it into words that are compelling can be a challenge. Most people get the basics right but when it comes to writing achievements in a compelling way they struggle. Your Resumè Builder – Gold service will create two compelling resumes so you can secure that next important position.


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