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Personal Inventory

Do you know what must be in your job in order for you to be happy and successful?

LSI & Debrief

As a manager and a leader your success doesn't just ride with what you do. It's also about how you do it.

Resumè Assist

For career minded professionals with +10 years experience. Resumè Assist will help you build a compelling resumè.

Achievement Writer

Get those qualitative and quantitative achievements wordsmithed so your resume stands out from the pack.

Interview Practice

Practice with an experienced consultant who can put you through your paces and give you feedback

Your Career Manager

Your career is likely to be your sole source of income over your life. Don't you think its worth working on it?

Your Personal Inventory

When it's time to take stock of your career

Career clarity

Target jobs that are a fit for your skill set and experience

Manage Your current state

Gain perspective on what must be in a job to be happy and successful.

Identify learning opportunities

The Personal Inventory can help you target
on-job learning opportunities.


LSI by Human Synergistics

Your LSI plus debrief

Proven Assessment Tool

Working with LSI since 2007. LSI is one of the most useful leadership development
tools we have found.

feedback and debrief

LSI will help you discover the impact your leadership style has on others and how adapting your style can make a huge difference to achieving business results.

Action plan

While LSI comes with an excellent workbook and action plan your coach will help you create the plan that you will work on.

Resumè Services

Have you got +10 years work experience?

Do you need help to build a compelling resume to get you more interviews?

Have you got the experience but can’t find the words?

We will help you to connect your achievements to a competency based interview. 

Silver Service

Get the coaching you need writing your resume including the creation of compelling achievements that demonstrate your value to a business. 

Gold Service

You get two resumès with this program. The first resume covers the last 10 years of your work experience and the second in a two page condensed version

Platinum Service

This platinum service builds on the Gold service by adding a one page biography plus, a review of your LinkedIn profile.

Achievement writer

Stand out from the pack.

The key achievements in your resume sell you to your future employer. Your success at interview hinges on your ability to recall the right achievement and how it answers competency and behavioural based questions. Getting help to construct a key achievement and presenting it in a compelling way can help. 

Achievement writer 3

Achievement writer 5

Interview Practice

This is a real interview simulation without a real job. Develop your interview skills to perform at your best when it counts. 

Interview Practice

Test yourself with an experience interviewer and be open to the feedback.
$ 180
Interview & verbal feedback
  • Practice with a coach
  • Improve interview performance
  • Get feedback in real time

Your Career Manager

Take control of your work life to accelerate your career goals. Engage with a coach who will work with you develop:

  • Career planning objectives
  • Practice self-assessing to reflect on your performance
  • Identify your on-job growth to discuss with your manager
  • Prepare for job promotions
  • Target new job opportunities
  • Update your resume and prepare for interviews
  • Create a 90 day plan for a new job and much more…

Busy managers often lack the discipline to routinely develop team members. Your career manager is there for you and will help you to develop and maintain a healthy routine.  

  • Quarterly development goals
  • Focus areas and practices
  • Review of work achievements and improvements
  • Soft skills development
  •  Coaching on managing teams
  •  Coaching on influencing skills and managing upwards

Take control of your career

When you work with a MetaPeople Career Manager you are getting long-term support over the course of a year or more.

Monthly payment plan

This service involves a 12-month commitment paid monthly

it's the work your manager doesn't do

Most managers are extremely time poor. They don't always have the time to give one-on-one feedback to their team members. Your Career Manager is there to help you identify what you need to develop in order to deliver on company objectives. Be good at what you do, enjoy what you do and be a high achiever.

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