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In working with people as they write their resume the process for the author can seem cumbersome and boring. However many people report that as they go through the process they remember details that they had forgotten. As they remember a curious thing starts to happen. They become inspired by their own achievements. 

You can inspire you.

The author of the resume starts to remember past achievements and begins to capture how those achievements made a difference to the company they worked for and the teams they were a part of. As this occurs they start to feel good about what they have accomplished. They recognise that they actually made a difference. This can be so important particularly if you are feeling less than inspired. Inspiration does not have to be external to you. You can inspire you!

Confidence increases. 

Confidence is rejuvenated by remembering what you have achieved. It is often an unexpected outcome that comes from writing your resume and remembering your history. Consider what a moment in time represents. It comprises of how we recall the past, what is happening in the present and how we anticipate the future. If our recollection of the past is positive and filled with inspiring memories of key achievements it can aid us in navigating the present. If you know you have secured jobs in the past and been successful it is reasonable to assume that this will happen again. If we allow too much of our focus to sit with the unknowns of the future we can become increasingly anxious. By remembering the successes of the past and focusing on what we have control over in the present a sense of purpose starts to emerge. A level of internal reassurance can take seed and this is part of the journey to learning resilience.

Resilience is strengthened. 

Remembering your achievements and staying focused on what you have control over in the present are key components to strengthening your ability to deal with the uncertainties of life. Resilience is a learnt experience that comes from embracing the difficult and taking things one step at a time. Resilience is strengthened by a sense of purpose and meaning. Purpose gives us a reason to act, meaning gives us a reason to endure. 

A sense of purpose can emerge.

Common themes can often emerge through achievements. These common themes could be around growing sales, continuous improvement, cost reductions, efficiency gains, driving change, leading others etc. The point is, what are your common themes? What is coming through about you and what you have achieved? This will help you write something about your career objective and your profile. It can connect you to a greater sense of purpose and that could be something like: “I’m the person who brings order to chaos” or “I grow businesses” or “I am great at pulling teams together to achieve results” or “I make things happen” or “I get stuff done right first go, on time and on budget”. There will be some kind of common theme and the more you have a handle on it the more compelling your resume will be and the stronger you will present at the interview. 

There is so much more to writing a resume. It can be an experience that inspires you, builds your confidence and strengthens you as you commit to the adventure of a New Beginning. 


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