Leadership Coaching

Turning good managers into great leaders

Grow your leadership skills

It's not just about what you do

Managers achieve results through teams

Managers impact efficiency and effectiveness

Managers execute strategic initiatives

It's also about how you do it

Leaders impact company culture

Leaders impact employee engagement & retention

Leaders set and communicate strategic vision

High-Performance Leadership

According to research conducted by Human Synergistics Constructive leaders outperform those that are less Constructive 

+ 0 %
Increase in job satisfaction
+ 0 %
Improvement in stress management
+ 0 %
Increase in task effectiveness
+ 0 %
Improvement in quality of relationships
An Existential Approach

Take time out to invest in your personal development. Become a high-performing leader who inspires. Invest in developing an understanding of yourself and your worldview and how your sedimented beliefs drive and motivate you. Understand who you become and how you become when faced with choice and uncertainty. Gain insight around what drives the choices you make and the impact your leadership style is having on others. Your career is a lifelong pursuit.

Choice & Uncertainy

At every moment of every day we are constantly faced with choices and the uncertainty that rides with the choices we make. Our coaching approach will help you identify what you are doing well, what you need to stop doing and what you need to work on. It’s not just about what you are doing, it’s also about how you are doing it. 


Lean into the discomfort. Learn to become comfortably uncomfortable. This is where the learning truly sits. Heightened awareness can buy you nanoseconds of time to enable you to make different choices before you react and repeat old well worn patterns. Taking risks and developing new skills requires courage and support. This is where a MetaPeople coach can really help. 

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